Arcade games often have short levels, simple and intuitive control schemes, and rapidly increasing difficulty. This is due to the environment of the Arcade, where the player is essentially renting the game for as long as their in-game avatar can stay alive (or until they run out of tokens). Games on consoles or PCs can be referred to as “arcade games” if they share these qualities or are direct ports of arcade titles. Many independent developers are now producing games in the arcade genre that are designed specifically for use on the Internet. These games are usually designed with Flash/Java/DHTML and run directly in web-browsers. Arcade racing games have a simplified physics engine and do not require much learning time when compared with racing simulators. Cars can turn sharply without braking or understeer, and the AI rivals are sometimes programmed so they are always near the player (rubberband effect).

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Re-Loadable Fun Our re-loadable FUNcards are good at any Main Event location for food, drinks and game play. They work like cash for games, food, drinks and activities. In addition, you can keep track of your Points earned playing games, to save and redeem them for prizes. Get a FUNcard

Our re-loadable FUNcards are good at any Main Event location for food, drinks and game play. They work like cash for games, food, drinks and activities. In addition, you can keep track of your Points earned playing games, to save and redeem them for prizes.

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Three years ago we launched the TinyDuino project on Kickstarter which greatly exceeded our expectations (and raised about 1100% of it’s goal). This let us set up our own manufacturing operation in Akron, OH, where we are able to assembly, test and ship all of our products. We produced over 15,000 different board assemblies as part of this and shipped to over 1100 different backers.

Have your game played by millions of gamers! Armor Games welcomes game submissions from talented game developers. Not every game makes the cut, but if it does, we’ll promote it on Armor Games and give you all the credit and link back to your site. Submit your game here and good luck!

The Tiny Arcade is based around TinyCircuits, a modular Arduino compatible platform the size of a quarter which stack together like electronic LEGOs.  There is an analog joystick and two push buttons for playing the games, a built in speaker for playing audio, a Lithium battery, built in USB for charging (and reprogramming), and a microSD expansion slot.

If you want to download Arcade games, Gametop is your best source for free, full-version downloadable games. We have hundreds of free games and you can definitely find something for you. All Arcade games are free, without in-game ads or registration required for download. Just download any of Arcade games we have on Gametop and enjoy playing these fun casual games.

We all know that MvC2 is held in such special and revered regard, but this is a list of arcade titles from the 90s. That being said, it’s an amazing game and it’s not on this list.

If you prefer mud to tarmac, and prefer fences or huge drops to Armco barriers, you’ll love DiRT Rally. Although it might sound like just another DiRT game, DiRT Rally sees the series go back to its sim-based rally routes – and that can only be a good thing. With a steering wheel and shifter, this game offers one of the most immersive driving experiences out there, and that’s without the optional PSVR DLC.

Use hand gestures to cast magic in this VR battle game. Coming to Steam Early Access this summer, and exclusive to VR platforms, The Wizards sees players defeat foes with powerful magic performed via hand gestures. Today

If you’re a fan of racing sims, Assetto Corsa is a must-have. Following months of delays on PS4 and Xbox One, the PC racer’s favourite finally made its way to the console last year – and it’s the most realistic racing game I’ve ever played. There’s a great range of cars and tracks to drive – including my local circuit, Brands Hatch – and there’s DLCs being released all the time. Multiplayer on Assetto Corsa is by no means perfect, and the graphics don’t look as pretty as some games now, but overall it remains the best racing sim you can buy in 2017. Read our full review of Assetto Corsa, here

The term “arcade game” is also used to refer to an action video game that was designed to play similarly to an arcade game with frantic, addictive gameplay. The focus of arcade action games is on the user’s reflexes, and the games usually feature very little puzzle-solving, complex thinking, or strategy skills. Games with complex thinking are called strategy video games or puzzle video games.

If you go the DIY route – the Tiny Arcade is simple to put together – there is no soldering needed, or any special tools.  The circuit boards snap together, and the acrylic cases assemble like a jigsaw puzzle with no glue needed.  It only takes about 10 minutes to assemble a Tiny Arcade.

Arcade flight games also use simplified physics and controls in comparison to flight simulators. These are meant to have an easy learning curve, in order to preserve their action component. Increasing numbers of console flight video games, from Crimson Skies to Ace Combat and Secret Weapons Over Normandy indicate the falling of manual-heavy flight sim popularity in favor of instant arcade flight action. Other types of arcade-style games include fighting games (often played with an arcade controller), beat ’em up games (including fast-paced hack and slash games), light gun rail shooters and “bullet hell” shooters (intuitive controls and rapidly increasing difficulty), music games (particularly rhythm games), and mobile/casual games (intuitive controls and often played in short sessions).

Sega AM2’s Hang-On, designed by Yu Suzuki and running on the Sega Space Harrier hardware, was the first of Sega’s “Super Scaler” arcade system boards that allowed pseudo-3D sprite-scaling at high frame rates. The pseudo-3D sprite/tile scaling was handled in a similar manner to textures in later texture-mapped polygonal 3D games of the 1990s. Designed by Sega AM2’s Yu Suzuki, he stated that his “designs were always 3D from the beginning. All the calculations in the system were 3D, even from Hang-On. I calculated the position, scale, and zoom rate in 3D and converted it backwards to 2D. So I was always thinking in 3D.” It was controlled using a video game arcade cabinet resembling a motorbike, which the player moves with their body. This began the “Taikan” trend, the use of motion-controlled hydraulic arcade cabinets in many arcade games of the late 1980s, two decades before motion controls became popular on video game consoles.

With that firmly established, let’s get down to what we all know are the best arcade games of the 90s. Your favorites might not be on this list, but let’s be honest with ourselves here, not every cabinet that dropped in the 90s was amazing. We do, however, guarantee that some of your favorites are definitely on this list.

Virtually all modern arcade games (other than the very traditional Midway-type games at county fairs) make extensive use of solid state electronics, integrated circuits and Cathode Ray Tube screens. In the past, coin-operated arcade video games generally used custom per-game hardware often with multiple CPUs, highly specialized sound and graphics chips, and the latest in expensive computer graphics display technology. This allowed arcade system boards to produce more complex graphics and sound than what was then possible on video game consoles or personal computers, which is no longer the case in the 2010s. Arcade game hardware in the 2010s is often based on modified video game console hardware or high-end PC components. Arcade games frequently have more immersive and realistic game controls than either PC or console games, including specialized ambiance or control accessories: fully enclosed dynamic cabinets with force feedback controls, dedicated lightguns, rear-projection displays, reproductions of automobile or airplane cockpits, motorcycle or horse-shaped controllers, or highly dedicated controllers such as dancing mats and fishing rods. These accessories are usually what set modern video games apart from other games, as they are usually too bulky, expensive, and specialized to be used with typical home PCs and consoles.

Action-packed tower defence game hits the Oculus Rift. We love Kittypocalypse, as you might have guessed from our preview earlier this year. Now the game is available on the Oculus Store priced £22.99, and it’s definitely worth

Every year, Codemasters releases a new version of its official Formula One game, but this year’s title is one of the best. While on the surface it might appear very similar to last year’s game, but there really is a huge difference between F1 2016 and F1 2015. Little bits of fan-requested detail have found their way into the game – from the safety car to manual starts – and at time they really make you feel like an actual Formula One driver. When combined with a much deeper, improved career mode, the result is a game that can cater for hardcore fans and casual racers alike. Read our full review of F1 2016, here.  F1 2016 Limited Edition (PS4) £37.49 Buy now

In addition to restaurants and video arcades, arcade games are also found in bowling alleys, college campuses, video rental shops, dormitories, laundromats, movie theaters, supermarkets, shopping malls, airports, ice rinks, corner shops, truck stops, bars/pubs, hotels, and even bakeries. In short, arcade games are popular in places open to the public where people are likely to have free time.

Here then, are the titles that made the cut, either because they have had a particular impact on modern videogaming, or because they’re shamelessly among my own favourites that simply shouldn’t be forgotten. The fact that many El Reg readers will have (many) treasured alternatives to those list is testament to the fondness in which we hold the arcade games of our youth.

30 games launching with Oculus Touch in 2016 by Tom Rudderham June 14, 2016 Blast, throw and interact your way through more than 30 games later this year. Announced today at E3 is the exciting news that 30 games will be launching alongside the Oculus Touch controller this year. A trailer

The Tiny Arcade is only as good as the games it supports, and out of the box there are plenty to get you going.  Like Flappy Birds, Tiny Invaders (by Eike Decker), Asteroids, Tiny Outrun (by Jon Wingrove) and more, we plan on having over twenty classic games available (all free) when the Tiny Arcades start shipping.  And being open source, we look forward to community members developing and releasing their own games as well.

Driveclub might not be the most realistic racer around, or the most in-depth, but it could be the prettiest. Released two years ago by Evolution Studios, Driveclub was one of the first racers on the PS4, and offers casual gamers good, clean fun. Sure, Driveclub doesn’t have the hyper-realistic handling of other games, or the huge garage of Forza 6, for example, but it’s good enough for those not obsessed with downforce or suspension settings – and packs in some of the best weather effects you’ll ever see. If you like your games more Ridge Racer than Gran Turismo, it’s worth taking a look at Driveclub; it should be pretty cheap to pick up now, too.

In the course of the 1970s, following the release of Pong in 1972, electronic video-games gradually replaced electro-mechanical arcade games. In 1972, Sega released an electro-mechanical game called Killer Shark, a first-person light-gun shooter known for appearing in the 1975 film Jaws. In 1974, Nintendo released Wild Gunman, a light-gun shooter that used full-motion video-projection from 16 mm film to display live-action cowboy opponents on the screen. One of the last successful electro-mechanical arcade games was F-1, a racing game developed by Namco and distributed by Atari in 1976; this game appeared in the films Dawn of the Dead and Midnight Madness , as did Sega’s Jet Rocket in the latter film. The 1978 video game Space Invaders, however, dealt a yet more powerful blow to the popularity of electro-mechanical games.

As well as the usual supercars, Project Cars includes some of my personal favourites, from the legendary Sauber C9 to the silent-but-deadly Audi R18 e-tron quattro Le Mans car – and more have been added via DLC. Combine that with gorgeous visuals, incredible sound and realistic handling, and Project Cars should be top of your list. The Game of the Year Edition has just been released, and comes with 50+ additional cars and three tracks over the original game as standard – so that’s the one to pick up in 2017. Best enjoyed with a steering wheel.

“Snapshot 2 is a stellar piece. Our guests vote with their dollars, and they’re voting for this photo booth more than any other. Cost per vend was one of our leading purchasing factors, it’s on track to pay for itself in 14 weeks.”

In 1972, Atari was formed by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney. Atari essentially created the coin-operated video game industry with the game Pong, the first successful electronic ping pong video game. Pong proved to be popular, but imitators helped keep Atari from dominating the fledgling coin-operated video game market.

In the 2000s and 2010s, arcades have found a niche market by providing games that use special controllers largely inaccessible to home users, such as dance games that have a floor that senses the user’s dancing. An alternative interpretation (one that includes fighting games, which continue to thrive and require no special controller) is that the arcade game is now a more socially-oriented hangout, with games that focus on an individual’s performance, rather than the game’s content, as the primary form of novelty. Examples of today’s popular genres are rhythm games such as Dance Dance Revolution and DrumMania , and rail shooters such as Virtua Cop , Time Crisis and House of the Dead . In the Western world, the arcade video game industry still exists, but in a greatly reduced form. Video arcade game hardware is often based on home game consoles to reduce development costs; there are video arcade versions of Dreamcast (NAOMI, Atomiswave), PlayStation 2 (System 246), Nintendo GameCube (Triforce), and Microsoft Xbox (Chihiro) home consoles and PC (e.g. Taito Type X). Some arcades have survived by expanding into ticket-based prize redemption and more physical games with no home console equivalent, such as skee ball and Whac-A-Mole. Some genres, particularly dancing and rhythm games (such as Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution), continue to be popular in arcades.

In the Japanese market, network and card features introduced by Virtua Fighter 4 and World Club Champion Football, and novelty cabinets such as Gundam Pod machines have caused revitalizations in arcade profitability in Japan. The reason for the continued popularity of arcades in comparison to the west, are heavy population density and an infrastructure similar to casino facilities.

The game that caused a shortage of ¥100 coins and wrote the rule-book on many standards of computer gaming: multiple lives, high score tables, enemy sprite intelligence. Reputedly, arcades were set up running numerous machines of this game alone, and US doctors were diagnosing new conditions such as “space invaders’ wrist”. Phenomenal.

We make multiplayer educational games – free math games, free language arts games, and more for K-8 students. With Arcademics Plus, teachers and parents can view data reports and customize game content. Arcademics games can be played on the iPad app and Android app.

Released last year, Project Cars is still one of the most realistic racers you can buy on the PS4, and an essential game for hardcore racers. Developed by Slightly Mad Studios and published by Bandai Namco, Project Cars features a huge but varied garage of cars, which should impress casual racers and more dedicated fans alike.

During the late 1970s and 1980s, chains such as Chuck E. Cheese’s, Ground Round, Dave and Busters, ShowBiz Pizza Place and Gatti’s Pizza combined the traditional restaurant or bar environment with arcades. By the late 1980s, the arcade video game craze was beginning to fade due to advances in home video game console technology. By 1991, US arcade video game revenues had fallen to $2.1 billion.

If you like racing games then you’ll already know about Gran Turismo. It’s one of the most important franchises ever for the PlayStation brand, and following years of delays, we’re finally going to get a new version for the PS4. It’s going to be called GT Sport, and Polyphony Digital says it will be the most ambitious Gran Turismo game yet. Featuring PS VR compatibility, 4K optimisation along with an eSport league – we can’t wait!

After watching Top Gun yet again, I had the urge to don my Oculus CV1, climb into my Obutto cockpit (complete with Xrocker gaming chair and flight controls) and engage in battle over Hormuz….. Back in 1993

The original Project Cars ushered in a new period of ultra-realistic racers, and it looks like Project Cars 2 will be bigger and better. There will be more than 170 cars and 60 tracks in the new version, and Slightly Mad studios has already shown off several off-road tracks too, so you can powerslide in snow, ice and mud, as well as tarmac. There will be dynamic weather and lighting effects too – something that isn’t included in GT Sport. Throw in possible PS VR capability, and Project Cars 2 could be the game to buy this year. You can read my preview of Project Cars 2 here.

The Tiny Arcade can load games on the fly off a microSD card, a menu is provided at power up that shows a preview of all of the games available on the microSD card, choose one and it gets loaded in a second and you’re playing away.  No need to reprogram the Tiny Arcade over USB.


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